Stage Three

Part 1

Finally, with all the rust removed and new panels installed, it was time to start preparing the body for painting.  As well as getting rid of all the slight imperfections and ensuring good alignment of the "moving panels" - doors, bonnet and boot - the underside would be treated to nearly two gallons of a stone guard type paint to both seal it and protect it for future use.  The rear axle and springs were also removed at this stage.  These would go away for refurbishment.
At last the virtually totally stripped shell was ready to enter the spray booth and receive its first coat of grey primer.


Part 2

With the grey primer on it was given an overspray on black.  This is done in order that an imperfections in the bodywork can be seen.  Then it was down to rubbing down and filling anything which came to light.

Part 3

Finally, almost seven months after the car entered the body shop, the first colour was applied.  It was actually wheeled out of the paint spray booth on an afternoon that I chose to visit the workshop.  The colour is pacific blue - a shade used for a limited period at the end of 1970 and into early 1971 on GT and E models only.  Although not the original colour of this car, the vehicle is a GT and is from the period that the shade was used.
A day or so later the car was wheeled outdoors for the paint to harden off in the natural light and air.

     Last Updated: 07 March 2010