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   Restoration Project

Two or three years ago, despite owning three Mk1 Capris already, I decided I wanted a forth.  The new addition had to be a certain model - a 1600GT XLR - and I wanted it in the rare shade of Pacific Blue.  And so started a "project" that would cost thousands of pounds as well as many man hours.

I should point out at this juncture that I'm not a home restorer but I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty and I enjoy hunting down the parts needed for a restoration.
Mindful that Capri Mk1 parts are becoming very scarce, as well as looking for the ideal project car, I also started gathering the spare parts I knew, from past experience, I was likely to need.  Wings, front valence, rear arch repairs to name but a few of the more obvious items.

The story of this restoration is, largely by photographic evidence, intended to open the eyes of today's potential restorers to what is involved in bringing back to life one of the cars often seen in the classic magazine for sale columns described as an "easy restoration project".

The tabs to the left take you through the restoration process step by step.  These will build up over a period of time.

     Last Updated: 12 January 2010