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  • December 2009 - Mk1s in the snow
    As snow strikes us early this winter in the UK, here are a few pictures from Club members up and down the country of their cars braving - or suffering - the cold conditions.
  • November 2009 - NEC Classic Motor Show Report
    A year after our application and six months after we were granted a stand, now Clarion's prestigious classic car indoor event at the NEC has come and gone!
    Despite the show theme being 50 years of the motorway, we decided that celebration of our marque's 40th anniversary was more significant and so the stand was themed to represent a car showroom from 1969.  We even managed to have a '69 car - a 1300L - along with a 1970 3000E and the only left hand drive Broadspeed Turbo Bullit from 1973.
    Our debut appearance at the show was well received by visitors and owners alike.
    Nice to see a humble Mk1 Capri rubbing shoulders with Ferraris and the like on the Meguiar's Concours stand in Hall 1 and our heartiest congratulations to the Mansfield & Nottingham Branch of the CCI who always put on an excellent display of cars but this year excelled themselves and deservedly won the Club Stand of the Show Award for their motorway themed presentation.
    Thanks to Dave Phillips, Glyn Watson, Michael Webster, Alan Lowe and Doreen Wright for providing cars and man/woman  power.
    Here are a few pictures of the stand, the concours Mk1 and Mansfield & Nottingham Capri Club's winning effort.  Most of the shots were taken prior to public entry as it got too busy to take photographs once the show was in full swing so apologies for the fact that we were still engaged in last minute adjustments.
    We did decide to give Dave's 1300 the Hammerite treatment.  Although it didn't need it, he seemed happy enough!
  • October 2009 - November issue of Colt on its way to members
    Club members can look forward to receiving the latest issue of Colt, the Club's quarterly magazine, in the next few days - subject, of course, to the postal service operating.  There are features on members cars; a guide to RS2600s; pictures from the 40th celebration at Brooklands; a guide to identifying the differences between Mk1 and Mk3 front cross members - and how a later one needs modifying to be used to repair a Mk1; there's even a wedding featuring a Mk1.
    If you're not a member yet but would like to join you'll find details and a printable application form on the "Contact Us / Join" page.  The cost for UK based members is just £15 per year whilst for Europe it's £20 and the Rest of the World £25.
    Or come and meet us and join at the NEC Classic Motor Show between 13th and 15th November.

  • October 2009 - NEC Classic Motor Show nears
    We're now just a month away from the biggest indoor classic car extravaganza in the UK, the NEC Classic Motor Show at the NEC Birmingham.  What makes the show even more special this year is that your Club will be making its show debut as a final celebration of forty years since the launch of the Ford Capri.
    Plans and organisation are at an advanced - if somewhat hectic - stage as we are scheduled to have three pristine examples supplied by Club members on show for the public to drool over.  One of those cars is the world's only surviving left hand drive Broadspeed Turbo Bullit.  The other two will be immaculate pre-facelift examples rarely seen on the show circuit and never previously displayed at the NEC.
    So if you're a member or a prospective member come along and see us and say hello.  We're in Hall 2, near the stage on stand 2C3.
    For more info and ticketing details visit our National Events page.
  • September 2009 - 40th Celebration at Brooklands Museum
    The finale, at least as far as outdoor shows to celebrate the Capri's milestone, proved to be the biggest and best.  After an indifferent summer of weather it was almost predictable that the final weekend in September would serve up a glorious "summers" day.  The weather undoubtedly helped to attract the 209 plus attendees to this historic motoring venue on the southern edge of London.  But largest contributor was the organisers, the Surrey Capri Club and, in particular their tireless supremo Kevin Blow.  Thanks and congratulations to them.
    The special attraction of the day was the assembly of 30 capris on part of the old banked track - now largely gone.  A pity that "health and safety regulations" couldn't allow a more fitting 40 on but nonetheless a tremendous photo opportunity and an honour for those chosen.  I lost count of how many Mk1s were present and, yet again, missed close-ups of some on our own club stand!  Still, here are a selection of those I did capture.
  • August 2009 - Hampshire Pageant, Romsey, Hampshire
    The weather forecast was for sunshine and 22 degrees but as we pulled back the curtains on Bank Holiday Monday morning we were greeted by overcast skies and drizzle.
    We set off and before too long it got worse!  What the heck, we were on our way for the last organised show of the year and I had the satisfaction of knowing that if I was getting wet so were the others Ha!
    We arrived in good time and followed in a very large grey Mustang.  Any ideas who it was?  A well known chef could be a clue.  Okay, it was James Martin - so you don't have to think too long and hard about it.  I thought it was Jamie Oliver so it shows what I know!
    Kevin and Brian were already on site - bit keen lads ehh!  Not a bad plot position.  As we set up, the drizzle had stopped and a cracking turn out of eight cars were in position.  About 11.30 the clouds disappeared and at last we had some sun.  With the Navy Parachute Team dropping in, it was all systems go as, one by one, all the members wandered off to enjoy the show which included motorcycle stunts; displays; auto jumble; and jewellery.
    With this being my last effort of organising Club Stands at shows, I hope that those who attended - Dave, Brian, Kevin & Sally, Terry, the newly weds Mr & Mrs J Mills, Mick & Sue, Neal & girlfriend and not forgetting my wife Ali - all had a cracking day.  To all who have attended the South West Shows through the year, I hope that you have enjoyed the outings you have had with us and continue to give the Capri Mk1 Owners’ Club your support for this coming year.  Without you all, we wouldn't have the friendly and helpful club we are developing.
    Thank you for your support and I look forward to meeting you all again next year.  Doug Woodward

  • August 2009 - Knebworth Classic Car Show, Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire
    The final regional show for our club in the southeast this summer attracted a modest display of Mk1s augmented once again by half a dozen cars from the Herts CCI and Capri Mk2 Register.  A two day event, the club only displayed on Bank Holiday Monday.  At 9am the signs didn't look good for an enjoyable day weatherwise but by midday it had warmed up and the sun shone on us. As always, our cars attracted much attention and admiration.
  • August 2009 - The Woburn Rally, Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire
    A glorious sunny day - for a change - as the Club fulfilled a promise to the show organisers to put on a special display to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Capri.  We joined forces with the Capri Mk2 Register and the guys from the Herts branch of the CCI to put on a display spanning the whole length of Capri production.  Earliest car on display was Keith's 1969 right through to Paul's 1981 2.8 injection Mk3 - sixteen cars in total added to by a new recruit later in the day.  Indeed, two of our own Club members brought along their own Mk2s to help show the range over the years.  The reward for those present was the "Club Stand of the Show" award - our third win this summer!
    Thanks to all who attended and gave the public such a tremendous display - you'll see a few on the picture with the trophy but thanks also to those who had to get off home.
  • August 2009 - CCI Mild to Wild Show, Badgers Hill, near Evesham, Worcestershire
    Another of the big events to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Capri, the Capri Club International's "Mild to Wild" show attracted many more mild than wild cars to the glorious sunshine at Badgers Hill.  Around 100 Capris were on duty including the Mk1 examples pictured below.  Apologies for any I missed - which included my own!
  • July 2009 - Old Ford Rally, Heritage Motor Museum, Gaydon, Warwickshire
    Until 3 years ago there was a hugely popular event for old Ford enthusiasts at Abingdon.  For Capri owners though the age limit ruled them out - nothing more modern than 1965 was permitted.  Sadly after many stagings that event came to an end.  The Ford Y & C Register in association with the Heritage Motor Museum decided that a new event was called for and so on Sunday 26th July the first staging of the "Old Ford Rally" tookplace.  The good news for Capri owners was the raising of the date of cars accepted - up to 1982.
    Our Club stand featured nine vehicles and we were joined by a modified modena green facelift car with a 302 Mustang engine.  One more Mk1 was present - a white pre-facelift model.  There were also a handful of Mk2 and Mk3 cars.
    The weather, whilst not exactly the warm summer day you might have hoped for, did at least stay dry until a 15 minute light shower around 1.30pm.  Plenty of old Fords on display and a reasonable autojumble.  Hopefully a show which will become a regular fixture on the calendar.
  • July 2009 - Latest Issue of Club magazine, Colt, out this weekend
    Club members can look forward to receiving the latest issue of Colt, the Club's quarterly magazine early next week as copies are being mailed this weekend.  There are features on members cars, reports on shows including Castle Combe and Speyer (Germany) and a guide to identifying the differences between genuine Ford wings and pattern ones as well as all the dates of the events the Club will be attending.
    If you're not a member yet but would like to join you'll find details and a printable application form on the "Contact Us / Join" page.  The cost for UK based members is just £15 per year whilst for Europe it's £20 and the Rest of the World £25.

  • July 2009 - Classics at the Castle, Sherborne Castle, Dorset
    After a dry start to the show, the organisers announced over the tannoy system that around 1.00pm there was the possibility of rain showers. They were right and at about 12.45pm the heavens opened and it poured down. With a very strong wind  that accompanied it, the gazebo that we were sheltering in began to leak and buckled. The gazebo next to us actually took off and landed in a heap earlier in the morning and so when the rain passed it was quickly taken down to avoid any more damage.

    Even with the forecast being very unsettled seven Southwest members braved the elements and attended, and an impressive display of cars was made into a delta formation consisting of Dave's 1300L, Doug's 1600XL, Neil's 1600GT, Steve & Terry's 3000E's, Brian's 3000GXL and Kevin's RS3100. The cars attracted a lot of interest including a gentleman who worked on the production line at Halewood as a PDI.
    With the skies blackening we all called it a day and headed off at about 3.15pm. I'm sure everyone, like me, had a very wet drive home.
    Thanks to all who attended and a special thanks go to Ali and Sally for supporting us and putting up with a very rough day. It was a laugh even with Brian charging £5 for a feel of his new "bionics"!

    The next scheduled show in the South West is at the Romsey Pageant on the Monday 31st August.  I have booked a space for 8 cars and have 2 spaces left.  If you wish to attend please contact me (Doug) ASAP. There will be no charge for this show as it is free to displaying clubs (car, driver & one passenger) per ticket.

  • July 2009 - Essex Classic Car Show, Barleylands, Billericay, Essex
    Another dry sunny day for the 3rd staging of the Essex Classic Car Show at the popular Barleylands craft complex.  The only pity is that as the show grows in popularity, the space allocated does not and so once again we were somewhat limited in our stand size and arrangement.  Seven examples were on display driven by Dave, Martin, Keith, Gary, Mike, Karen and Kevin.  As well as meeting a couple of Club members who were displaying other vehicles from their "fleets", we were able to meet one of our newer members, Barry, who was displaying his sebring red 2000GT facelift car on the South Essex Capri Club stand.
  • June 2009 - Fathers' Day Classic Show, Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire
    Whilst many brave Capri pilgrims made the trek into Europe to witness what was promised as the continent's largest Capri 40th celebration, those of us less adventurous in the southeast enjoyed the Hertfordshire sunshine in the park land grounds of Knebworth House.
    The Club stand totalled nine Mk1s, spanning a good variety of the range.  Apologies to our Vice-Chairman Doug.  He decided to surprise us on the day by turning up in his stunning red Mk1 rather than a "modern" car on his 130 mile journey up from Wiltshire.  However, the surprise was on him as mechanical problems dogged his journey and he limped in around 11.30 - missing my camera!
    He did get pride of place on the Club stand though between the two rows of four cars shown in the pictures below.  That splash of colour evidently did the trick for us as we won the "Club Stand of the Show" award - our second such honour in the last three events.
    Congratulations to Doug, Eddie, Gary, Keith, Martin, Mike and of course yours truly on providing a display of cars deemed the best on show.
    Date: Monday 15th June 2009
    Venue: Wickford, Essex
    Time: Around 1.00pm
    The Car: A 1969 "G" reg in faded red paint
    This car belongs to Club member Gary and, whilst far from a shining concours example is, nonetheless, a very special car to its owner.  The following pictures were shot by Retro Ford magazine within the last couple of months for an item in the current (July 2009) edition of the magazine.

    If you see the car then please contact Gary on 07966 588272
  • June 2009 - Luton Festival of Transport, Stockwood Park, Luton
    A week and a day later and we had the reverse extreme in both weather and numbers of cars.  Glorious sunshine - oh how we'd have loved that at Castle Combe - but this time the local club stand sported just three Mk1s.  We were, once again joined by the Capri Mk2 Register and the Herts branch of CCI though to put on a display totalling eleven cars.  The range certainly attracted plenty of attention from the Bedfordshire public at a show heavily loaded with Vauxhall vehicles.  We also spotted an early white Mk1 1600L with a club stand space all of its own!
  • June 2009 - Capri 40th Anniversary Celebration, Castle Combe Circuit, Wiltshire
    The long anticipated 40th anniversary celebration for the Ford Capri tookplace on Saturday 6th June.
    As so often happens in the British summertime, following a glorious two weeks of dry days and sunshine, the heavens chose not to be kind to Capri owners with Friday bringing a break to the good weather throughout the country and heavy rain in the Wiltshire area overnight.  As the "instigators" of this event, in association with the Castle Combe Circuit, we feared the worst as we drove through the puddles in the drizzle on Saturday morning.  We need not have worried as Capri owners nationally and Capri Mk1 Owners' Club members in particular showed typical British spirit travelling in many cases well in excess of 100 miles to display their vehicles.
    For our club, Kent based member Nigel summed up the enthusiasm for the "show must go on", towing one of his Broadspeeds with another on a round trip of over 320 miles.
    Around 150 Capris made it to the event despite overnight and early morning conditions with representation from the Scottish Capri Club, Capri Mk2 Register, Duchy Capri Club, Surrey Capri Club, Warwickshire All Capri Club, East Grinstead, Swindon, Herts and Evesham regional branches of the Capri Club International.  A special thanks though to our own members who put on a phenomenal display of 26 Mk1s which earned the recognition of the show organisers by winning the Club Stand of the Show Award - not just for Capris but up against all the other marques on display.
    Highlight for the day was surely the parade around the circuit behind veteran race driver Vince Woodman in a Cologne Race Capri.  Forty cars were selected for the initial parade of two laps and then all owners who wished to experience travelling around a race circuit were invited to set an unofficial World Record for the number of Capris on a race track at one time.  The tally was 119, setting a mark for any future events.  Official track photographers snapped all the cars as they cruised around and many took the opportunity of purchasing a unique shot of their pride and joy on track.
    Here's just a taste of the many Mk1s on the club stand, along with the car Vince Woodman led the parade with - which incidentally had to be borrowed from another race driver as his car is currently suffering from a blown engine following a competitive meeting at Brands Hatch.
  • May 2009 - 30th Bristol Classic Car Show, Royal Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet
    After a long wait - the original staging was called off in early February - we finally got our chance in the Southwest to get the 40th Anniversary celebrations underway.  Kevin - with his RS3100, Brian - with his fern green 3000GXL and Doug - with his striking red 1600XL populated the Club stand providing cars and man power.
    The cars attracted a huge amount of interest over the three days, including a gentleman who actually worked on the Capri production line at Halewood for many years.
    It was good to see some of the existing Club members and hopefully we attracted a few new ones.
    Doug's efforts in coordinating the running of the stand were rewarded in as much as his car was awarded a "Highly Commended" rosette.  Kevin and Brian played their full part too and a great camaraderie made the weekend an enjoyable one.
    Below are a few shots of the stand and cars.
    Next stop in the Southwest will be the big one at Castle Combe.
  • May 2009 - Show time at last!
    The arrival of the May Day Bank Holiday weekend also coincides with the start, generally speaking, of the show season.
    The Club were scheduled for a busy weekend with the re-staging of the Bristol Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallet in the Southwest and the Bedfordshire Classic Car Show at Old Warden in the Southeast.  We were also planning to have a stand at Popham Airfield but in the event our resources were just too stretched.
    A report on Bristol - which runs all three days of the holiday weekend - will follow.
    In the meantime, here are some pictures of the Club members cars at Old Warden.  We were joined by the Herts branch of the CCI to give the paying public a display across the range of Mk1s, 2s and 3s.  It could have been warmer and we could have done without the wind but at least it stayed dry and even sunny at times.
  • April 2009 - Latest Issue of Club magazine, Colt, out this weekend
    Club members can look forward to receiving the latest issue of Colt, the Club's quarterly magazine early next week as copies are being mailed this weekend.  There are features on the Perana V8, members cars and a guide to repairing an "A" post as well as all the dates of the events the Club will be attending.
    If you're not a member yet but would like to join you'll find details and a printable application form on the "Contact Us / Join" page.

  • April 2009 - Techno Classica Show in Pictures
    The weekend of 3rd to 5th April saw the annual Techno Classica Car Show in Essen Germany.  It's arguably the biggest and best indoor classic car show in Europe. Here are a few pictures taken by a Club member who visited.
  • April 2009 - May issue of Retro Ford out now
    The May 2009 issue of Retro Ford magazine is now in the shops with a an eight page feature on Club member Gary's 2000GT XLR. The magazine have loosely attempted to recreate some of the shots featured in the original period sales brochures.  Worth getting the magazine just for the pictures!
  • March 2009 - Amber Gold 2000GT XLR to feature in Retro Ford magazine
    Watch out for the May 2009 issue (out 2nd April) of Retro Ford magazine which will feature a Buyers Guide for the Capri Mk1. The car used and much of the data provided came from a Club member.  There aren't too many unmolested G-reg 2000GT XLRs around so the magazine should be worth grabbing a copy of just for the pictures.
  • February 2009 - Ford's Dagenham Dream, TV documentary
    The long awaited documentary charting Ford's influence on British motoring history has now been scheduled for BBC4 screens on Wednesday 4th March 2009 from 9.00pm to 10.00pm.  Sadly, we are told, most of the filming which included one of our Club members' cars has been cut out.  Instead the programme has some period film.  Nevertheless, I imagine that it'll have plenty of interest for blue oval fans.
  • February 2009 - Re-arranged date for Bristol Classic Car Show
    Following its postponement earlier this month, due to bad weather, the Bristol Classic Car Show at the Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet, has been re-scheduled for the Mayday Bank Holiday weekend - Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th May 2009 inclusive.  The Club will have a stand as previously advertised.
  • February 2009 - Come and meet us at the Bristol Classic Car Show
    As winter continues, why not give yourself a treat this coming weekend?  It's the Bristol Classic Car Show at the Royal Bath and West Showground, Shepton Mallet on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th February.  The Capri Mk1 Owners' Club will have a three car display and will be the first to celebrate the Capris 40th anniversary - which actually falls on 5th February.  Why not come along and meet us?  We'll span the Mk1 era with a 1600 pre-facelift, an ultra low mileage 3000GXL facelift and the "Cars the Star" RS3100 - as featured on the BBC Capri documentary by Quentin Wilson.
  • January 2009 - New issue of Club magazine, Colt, out now
    The second issue of the quarterly Club magazine, Colt, is winging its way to members this weekend.  Twenty pages packed with Mk1 articles including a review of the three "specials" and the story of the original photo shoot which produced all the memorable images for the brochures and other literature.  If you're a Mk1 owner, don't miss out.  Membership of our Club is just £15 per year.  You'll find detail on the "Contact Us / Join" page.

  • January 2009 - Capri Mk1 Buyers Guide in Classic Ford February 2009 issue
    It's amazing how far a couple of photoshoots will go!  The Club's southwest based owner, Doug, has his maize yellow car featured yet again in a national magazine.  This time it's the February 2009 issue of Classic Ford and is for a Buyers Guide feature.  He knew nothing about it and was amazed when he was told to check out the magazine.  There are some nice photos if you want to check it out for yourself - towards the back of the magazine.
  • January 2009 - Another Club member heavily featured in TWO national magazines
    Happy New Year to Club members and readers everywhere.
    Apologies for not much changing here at the website in recent weeks.  Despite it being the "closed" season as far as shows are concerned, it's nevertheless a fairly hectic time for our Club with planning in preparation for the 40th celebrations.
    That said, we can report that our members - or one in particular - are yet again featuring in national magazines.  This time not just one but two.  Simon, who owns a sebring red 1600XL facelift, has a six page spread in the February 2009 issue of Retro Ford (on the shelves now) and also an extensive article on his diecast models in the February 2009 edition of Model Collector - again already on the newsagents shelves.  Our next quarterly Club magazine has a memorabilia article from Simon so you'll be able to feast yourselves on childhood nostalgia.
    Incidentally, there's also a nice piece on the Surrey Capri Club's Ace Cafe event in Retro Ford, so it must be worth capri fans buying.
  • December 2008 - A new television documentary to watch out for
    Some Club members may recall, earlier this year, a plea from a TV production company, based in Bristol, who were planning to produce a documentary style programme recounting people's association with and memories of the Ford car brand.  Several members volunteered there childhood stories of old family Fords.  Regrettably though none were taken up.  However, out of the blue a few weeks ago one of our Club members was contacted to provide a car for filming.  He got to do all the driving whilst they spent well over an hour filming from various outside vantage points and even sitting next to him in the car.  As well as the Capri, six other classic Fords were filmed on the day.  The programme is scheduled to air on BBC4 around 20th January next year.
    It'll be interesting to see how much footage makes it to the screen but fingers crossed that the Capri gets a fair share of the limelight in its 40th anniversary year.  Members of the Capri Mk1 Owners' Club will be able to read the behind the scenes story of the filming in February's edition of "Colt" the club's magazine.
  • November 2008 - Member's Cars in Retro Ford magazine
    Hot in the wheel tracks of southwest based Club member Doug, it's now the turn of northwest based Glyn to have a couple of his cars featured in a national magazine.  This time the publication in question is Retro Ford and the December 2008 dated issue.  The cars featured are both Turbo Broadspeed Bullits and most prominently, Glyn's "new" left hand drive example.  Club members will know from the new edition of Colt that Glyn is something of an expert on Broadspeeds.  The illustrations below are just to whet your appetite, I suggest you buy a copy as the pictures are well worth having and the article is interesting too.
  • November 2008 - Club magazine launched
    Having launched the Owners' Club back in March with the promise of a Club magazine, we're very pleased to be able to announce the launch of that magazine - with a copy winging its way to current club members right now.
    Entitled Colt - the code name for the Capri at its conception - the first full colour 20 page edition includes the story of a member's car that has been 14 years in restoration; the story of a car photoshoot for one of the national magazines; a brief history and background of Broadspeed; a useful guide to some common service parts and the manufacturers code numbers; and much more.  The magazine will be published quarterly and will be included in a new revised annual membership fee of £15.

  • October 2008 - Member's Cars in Classic Ford magazine
    Doug from the southwest has had his cars featured for a second time within weeks in a national magazine.  This time it's the November 2008 issue of Classic Ford.  The photoshoot and article tells of his son Tim's enthusiasm for the marque and how, inspired by Tim, Doug ended up buying a car for himself.  Since the article was researched in April, Tim has moved on to a more practical vehicle for his needs and so Doug has a Mk1 surplus to requirements.  If you're interested you'll find details in the "For Sale & Wanted" section.  The magazine is on newsagents shelves now.

  • October 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Twenty
    The car is very near completion now.  Those beautifully restored wheels have been kitted out with some new 185x70x13 rubber of the correct speed rating and a brand new stainless steel exhaust system has been sourced and fitted.  With all the work performed on the car it is, of course, important to check and adjust the tracking.  Just a few minor trim parts need to be fitted for the car to be "complete".
                      ................. Part Twenty One to follow.
  • October 2008 - Member's Car in national magazine
    The first of three appearances by members' cars in national magazines hit the shelves last week.  Classic Car Mart's November 2008 issue features a comprehensive Buyers Guide to the Ford Capri Mk1 and features the car prominently on the cover.  Southwest based Club Member, Doug, provided the car for the photographs with the Club helping out on the editorial featured.  Check it out at your newsagents.

  • October 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Nineteen
    As promised, this set of pictures show you the restoration of the rare slotted rostyles that this particular 3000E was fitted with.  In many ways, nice wheels can make or break the look of a car so here we show you, picture by picture, exactly how the wheels are brought back to "as new" condition.  These wheels weren't in a bad state to start with but often wheels are, in which case a visit to the grit blaster is well worthwhile.  The key is to work out the order in which to re-apply the paint and to mask well.  The blue tape is a special type which, when applied correctly, will give you a really sharp edge between the black and the silver.  There's not too much to do now for the car to be complete but - as you have witnessed through this restoration story - it has taken longer than originally planned.
              .......watch out for Part Twenty
  • September 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Eighteen
    Just a brief update this time.  The lip of the boot is smothered in grease to allow the easy fitment  - and weather protection - of a brand new trim strip along with the hockey sticks.  Up next will be sorting those wheels out.
                   ..... Part Nineteen soon
  • September 2008 - Left hand drive Broadspeed Turbo Bullit makes its UK show debut
    The All Ford Show at Blackpool on Sunday 14th saw the show debut of a very rare Mk1 model.  The pictures below show the beautiful left hand drive Broadspeed Turbo Bullit - the only survivor of two converted for export to Spain back in 1973 - now back in the UK, restored by a Club member.
  • September 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Seventeen
    It's been a while since we looked at Michael's 3000E restoration project car.  Well the good news is that it's progressing.  As you can see from these pictures, the interior of the car is now virtually finished.  Not sure about those wheels though?
              .....look out for Part Eighteen
  • September 2008 - Capri Mk1 Owners' Day at Mountnessing, Essex (Sunday 7th September)
    Giles Ford-Crush's biennial get together for Mk1 owners was yet another potentially superb event ruined by the threat of bad weather.  As he has a knack of doing, Giles found a location well placed for many southern based Mk1 owners with a superb setting on the village green at Mountnessing, just five minutes up the A12 from the M25 junction 28.  With the back drop of a working windmill and three or four pubs within a ten minute walk, all that was needed was for the British summer to relent and dish up a sunny dry day.  In the end Sunday in this part of Essex did turn out dry and in the afternoon the sun managed to show its face however, heavy overnight rain and a threatening sky in the morning persuaded all but the very hardy - or very foolish! - to venture out.  Nonetheless ten fine examples were on display and, as always seems to happen at such events, one really special example created great interest.  A Broadspeed Bullit, unseen by most for a long time, made its show bow.  Thanks to Giles for staging the event and lets hope he'll put another show on here soon.  Finally, my apologies to Andy and James.  You arrived after I had put my stills camera away!
  • September 2008 - Ace Cafe Capri Meet (Saturday 6th September)
    Despite the appalling British summer, the second Ace Cafe Capri Show organised by Kevin Blows and the Surrey Capri Club once again attracted an array of spectacular examples of all marques of our favourite Ford.  Thanks to Gary for the Mk1 pictures below.
    Kevin and the Surrey boys have got a great day in the planning for 2009 at Brooklands to celebrate the Capri's 40th birthday - more news on that soon.
  • September 2008 - A European Photo Treat
    Back in August one of the Club's members visited the Rosenheim Capri Meeting at Ubersee in southern Germany.  The first gallery of the Mk1 Capri pictures he took are located in the Germany 2008 gallery in the Picture Galleries area.  Alternatively click here to get straight to them.
  • August 2008 - Hampshire Pageant of Motoring, Romsey, Hants. (Sunday 24th August)
    With the Southwest region's outing to Fairford cancelled the previous week due to the wet conditions, it was a determined crew who set out for Romsey.  Kevin, who organised the Club stand, had a nightmare journey.  Rain, local road flooding and then car problems caused him to arrive over an hour later than fellow Club members.
    The day started off overcast and damp.  The Show filled up quickly with other cars and clubs.  There was a lot going on during the day including a Stunt rider jumping over a lorry with his motor bike and quad bike and doing other tricks.  There was also a team of children doing a display on motorcross bikes.  For aviation enthusiasts, there was even a fly past by three World War Two planes from the Battle of Britain Memorial flight.

  • August 2008 - Knebworth Classic Car Show, Knebworth, Herts. (Sunday 24th August)
    The last Southeast Club stand of the outdoor season saw the weather in one day encapsulate the entire summer.  We travelled in a torrential downpour, arrived in light drizzle, got soaked during the morning setting up and walking across the grass field to the autojumble and then slowly dried out to enjoy a glorious English summer afternoon.  Once again the Herts Branch of the CCI joined us to ensure a display of the entire range of Capris for the paying public.  We had six Mk1s on display and a scout around the private exhibitors discovered a further four.

    Another reminder - particularly those of you based in the southeast - of the Capri Mk1 Owners Day at Mountnessing on Sunday 7th September.  An independently organised event, it's a must for the Mk1 enthusiast.  Details can be found at www.fordcapri.co.uk

  • August 2008 - Classic Ford Day at Battlesbridge, Essex. (Sunday 17th August)
    Once again, in this weather spoilt British summer, heavy rain threatened to ruin one of the souths best Ford shows.  However, despite heavy overnight and early morning rain in the area, the show went ahead and, apart from a little drizzle early on, the day blossomed into brilliant sunshine.  As usual the Essex and surrounding blue oval enthusiasts brought their finest out in large numbers - not least Mk1 Capris.  No fewer than thirteen were on display.
    A little reminder to you all that Sunday 7th September sees another of Giles Ford-Crush's Mk1 days - this time at Mountnessing in Essex.  Last time no fewer than 28 (or was it 29) Mk1s were in attendance.  If you'd like more details pop over to Giles' excellent website at www.fordcapri.co.uk

  • August 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Sixteen
    Time for those all important lights and brightwork parts to be added. New headlight and indicator units are being fitted to the front and rear.  The fog and spot lights along with their associated brackets have to be removed from the front grill and will be restored before being refitted.  Brand new old stock bumpers are being fitted both front and rear.  New chromes are being fitted to the headlight surrounds.
    Part Seventeen to come........
  • August 2008 - Woburn Classic Vehicle Rally, Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire (Sunday 10th August)
    The club's southeast based members turned out to the very picturesque - if somewhat windswept - Woburn Abbey Park for the 17th staging of this enthusiasts run Classic Vehicle Rally.  Unfortunately, although Sunday remained dry and even sunny at times, Saturday had not been and so one had to tread very carefully through the park land which is also home to a large deer herd!  Once again the organisers were well supported by the local classic car, truck, bus, tractor and bike fraternity.  An new introduction this year was the feature club stand. This celebrated a milestone in the history of the Model T Ford.  The Event Organisers have kindly invited us to provide the feature stand next year to celebrate the 40th birthday of the Capri.
  • August 2008 - Wroughton Classic Car Show, Wroughton, Wilts (Saturday & Sunday 2nd & 3rd August)
    Despite the rather changeable weather around the country, Wroughton managed to serve up two relatively dry if not particularly sunny days for its Classic Car Show.  The club stand featured an RS3100, a low mileage one owner 3000GXL, a 3000E, 1600GT XLR, 1600XL and a 1300XL.  Something to whet the appetite of every visitor and that they did, attracting many admirers.  Indeed the maize yellow 1600GT XLR is for sale and on its own had several visitors studying their piggy banks carefully to see if they could afford this fine example of the top spec. pre-facelift 1600.
  • August 2008 - Classic Car Racing at Castle Combe (Saturday 2nd August)
    Saturday 2nd August and a great day of racing at Castle Combe.  Could not have gone any better as after a very wet practice the Capri was struggling to get the power down compared to a couple of very quick Escorts.  By race time (20mins before the start!) it dried up and the team (Swindon Racing Engines) put the car on slicks.  With perfect conditions, Dan Cox went out for the first stint and by driver change was 2 laps in front.  Vince (Woodman) took over just needing to bring the car home which he did with one lap 3 seconds to spare.  As you can see from the pictures there were some fantastic cars on the grid for this race including a very well prepared Camero and a BMW Bat Mobile.
  • July 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Fifteen
    Inevitably the summer months - with other distractions - have slowed the rebuild down.  It's also far more time consuming cleaning and refreshing all those trim pieces to put back on the car compared to removing them.  Most of the dashboard is now re-installed and on the exterior the clips are in place for the side trims.  The dummy vents are on now too.
                            Part Sixteen to follow.....
  • July 2008 - Barleylands, Billericay Show (Sunday 13th July)
    After four weeks without a "club" show and following a decidedly dodgy week of British summer weather, how great it was to get out and about again at the Barleylands complex on the edge of Billericay in Essex.  We can't claim to have had brilliant sunshine all day but we did have some and more importantly it stayed dry all day.  What a turnout for the club too.  I had, as little as a week before, only expected to see three Capris - along with Simon's Mk3 Cortina.  In the event, we had to fit in seven Mk1s plus the Tina. The display certainly attracted a lot of attention from the Essex public - not surprising I guess since we were only a few miles from Ford's Dunton Centre.  It made for an interesting period comparison with the Mk3 Cortina alongside the Mk1 Capris - and Simon certainly has a superb example. Shame he doesn't like it being compared to the "Life on Mars" car - purists will realise the differences.  Gene Hunt was nowhere to be seen otherwise we could put him right too!
  • June 2008 - Restoration Project - Part Fourteen
    The time has finally come to reinstall the engine and gear box.  This is a difficult job with the weight of the combined lump, the manoeuvring needed and the obvious desire not the mark that beautiful new engine bay paintwork.  To achieve the latter large quantities of old bedding were spread out around the entire engine bay.  All went well and the next task was to renovate the radiator and the infill plate.
    Part Fifteen will follow soon.........
  • June 2008 - Capri Club Nederland International Meeting Pictures
    Back at the start of June one of our Club members ventured over the Channel to the Capri Club Nederland International Meeting at Beekes Bergen in Holland.  Located only around an hours drive from either Rotterdam or the Hook of Holland, this is an event you might want to consider taking in next year.  All his capri pictures from the event can be found in the Picture Galleries area under the pages Holland 2008 and Holland 2008 Pt2.
  • June 2008 - First 40 Year Celebration Event Announced
    Castle Combe have released a press statement in conjunction with the Capri Mk1 Owners' Club which reads:
    Saturday 13th June* 2009 - Celebrate 40 Years of the Ford Capri
    Working in conjunction with Capri Mk1 Owners' Club, Castle Combe Circuit's 2009 Retro & Sportscar Action Day will feature 40 years of the Capri.
    With a build up period of 12 months, the Club and the circuit in conjunction with other partners will work to make this a very special event in this iconic car's history.
    Possibly the most famous of all Capri's, the Broadspeed/Cologne car of Vince Woodman has been invited and Vince himself will be the guest of honour. Invitations will be going out to other famous Capri owners to put on a special lunchtime display.
    Many other attractions will be planned.
    Further details of this exciting new event and milestone will be announced in due course.
    *Date subject to confirmation.

    So folks, you read it here first - contact us at the Club if you are interested in attending this event and make sure you keep a space free in your diary so as you can join us in the celebration of the Capri's 40th year...
  • June 2008 - Fathers' Day Classic at Knebworth (Sunday 15th June)
    Continuing a busy weekend for the club, the weather held in the southeast too for members to enjoy a day out at Knebworth.  As with Saturday, six Mk1s were on display attracting admiring looks from the public.  The club invited the Capri Mk2 Register and Herts branch of the CCI to join them to give the public the full array of capris to feast their envious eyes on.
    Keith, Gary, Peter and Eddie joined Doreen and myself with their Mk1s whilst Geoff travelled up to sample our southeast hospitality and to enjoy a dry but sometimes cool day out at this historic venue.
  • June 2008 - Castle Combe Retro & Sportscar Action Day (Saturday 14th June)
    With the BBC Weather doom-and-gloom forecasters predicting rain I was hoping for a good day for our first outdoor event in the South West. We have already had one show cancelled this year due to flooding but the day at Castle Combe racetrack turned out to be gloriously sunny. We had six cars on display; my 1300XL, Doug's 1600XL and 1600GTXLR, Kevin's RS3100, Simon's 3000GT and Brian's 3000GXL. Three of the cars took place in the lunchtime parade and provided an impressive sight touring around the track. I was interviewed by the Castle Combe roving reporter which was quite an embarrassing experience but it did give me chance to talk even more about our favourite car to a wider audience...
                         More pictures are available at our sister site just click.
  • June 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Thirteen
    It's always the fiddly bits that take the time.  New brake pipes have to be specially made and shaped for the car.  Perhaps the toughest of the trim jobs to get right is the headlining. Today's models come with preformed panelling that just slots in.  In the capri's day though it was made of fabric and suspended from a series of hangers that span across the inside of the roof of the car.  It was "finished" by being glued to the sides of the car.  To get the tension right and to ensure no ripples or snags can be a testing task.
    Part Fourteen next up.....
  • June 2008 - Luton Festival of Transport, Stockwood Park, Luton (Sunday 8th June)
    Whilst one club member is off in Holland visiting a capri show we were fortunate enough to be joined by a visitor from Holland for the Luton Festival of Transport.  What a special visitor too, a 1972 facelift RS2600 - quite rare on these shores.  For a change the British weather was glorious and our display which also included five Mk2s and four Mk3s (thanks to the Capri Mk2 Register and the Herts Branch of the CCI) provided a major attraction for show visitors.
    Followers of the Restoration Project, don't worry, more will follow soon.  Hopefully we'll also have some pictures from Holland for you.  In the meantime here's the club stand at Luton and some close-ups of that glorious RS2600.
  • May 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Twelve
    A few weeks ago the loom was tidied up and re-installed in the engine bay.  Now the time has come to work on connecting things up inside the passenger cabin and to re-install the dashboard.  One of the reasons the car was taken off the road in the first place was that there had been a problem with the wiper motor.  With this unit thoroughly overhauled it has to be the first item put back inside the passenger compartment.  The car will also have a period radio and associated mast.  Like everything else, in order for the car to be as near perfect as possible, these have to either be overhauled and cleaned or new period parts sourced.  At the business end of the loom new headlight and indicators are being fitted to the front of the car.  Inside, a slight imperfection on the dashboard fascia means that a brand new old stock part will be used.  Just look at those E-spec. black padded vinyl inserts.
                                 Part Thirteen to follow......
  • May 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Eleven
    As well as ensuring that all the bodywork and ancillaries look "as new", the engine needed a touch of tender loving care on its outside and a thorough checking over internally to make sure that it works as well as the finished car will look i.e. great.
                                 Part Twelve coming soon......
  • May 2008 - CCI National, Badgers Hill, Worcs (Sunday 11th May)
    The glorious early summer weather attracted a multitude of capris out to the Capri Club International's National meeting.  Amongst the cars on show were a host of Mk1s.  Click here to link to a gallery of the Mk1s on show.
  • May 2008 - Bedfordshire Classic Car Show, Old Warden near Biggleswade (Sunday 4th May)
    As the Mayday Bank Holiday weekend arrived, the new club made its first appearance at a classic car outdoor event at Old Warden in Bedfordshire.  The five examples on display created a lot of interest amongst the visitors as they were the only Mk1s present.  The day remained relatively dry and warm - a change from the norm for this event.  Members enjoyed the display of "classic" aircraft flying from the Shuttleworth Collection adjoining the show field.  A great start for the outdoor show season - fingers crossed for more dry sunny weather to come.
  • May 2008 - Popham Airfield Show Cancelled
    Just in (2nd May) is news that the Popham Airfield Show has been cancelled due to the venue being waterlogged.
  • April 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Ten
    With virtually everything prepared for re-installation, the time has come to actually start put the car back together again.  One of the first items that has to be installed is the wiring loom.  Now it's a matter of hoping that those sketches drawn up at the time of removal are understandable - months later - as Michael starts to put the loom back in place.  Even his dog doesn't seem to be too interested in the mass of "spaghetti" on the floor!  The genuine Ford Workshop Manual helps but you need your wits about you to perform this part of a restoration.

    Part Eleven coming up ........
  • April 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Nine
    Work carries on apace now as the long but rewarding task of "renewing" the suspension, mechanical parts and ancillaries continues.  In case you're wondering why a bright yellow primer is being used, this has been found to be one of the best products on the market and is in fact a combined filler and primer.  So all those pitted cast parts will look as good as new when the top coats go on.
    Part Ten to follow........
  • April 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Eight
    With the paint dry, it's back home with the car and now down to preparing all the ancillaries.  The mechanical parts too are to be treated to an external re-spray.  First up are the back axle and brake drums.  Compare the pictures here with those for the pre-restored axle in Part 4 - quite a transformation.
                     Part Nine to follow soon.......
  • April 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Seven
    After many hours of hard graft the stripped body shell is clear of all its old paintwork and the process of respraying can commence.  From now on it's a matter of reaping the rewards of all that preparation work as the car is rebuilt - hopefully ending up with, if not the best then, one of the best examples of its type in existence.
    Part Eight to follow.....

    April 2008 - Techno Classica Show, Essen, Germany
    The last weekend in March saw the showpiece indoor event in Europe for the classic car enthusiast, the Techno-Classica Show held in Essen, Germany.  Those of you who have been to the Classic Motor Show at the NEC  might be surprised to know that it's not the biggest event of its kind in Europe - the Techno-Classica is.  In show hall area it seems to cover approaching twice the area of the NEC event and as the pictures below show it lacks nothing in terms of style and variety.  Indeed the German motor industry seems to have an opinion somewhat different to its UK counterparts with the manufacturers footing the cost of the stands.  This has the knock-on effect of the feel of the show being much more polished and professional.  The down side is that the car companies also, to a great extent, man the stands and so it can be difficult getting the information and advice - so readily available at the NEC - on your particular model and marque.  Perhaps the "perfect" indoor show would fall somewhere between the two events.
    As you can see, the Capri Mk1 was represented at the show with three superb examples.  Next year, with the fortieth anniversary of our marque, promises to be an even better show for capri enthusiasts so if you're wondering whether to take a long weekend in Germany next spring have a look at the rest of the pictures to help you decide whether it might be your sort of thing.  The picture of the hall plan indicates the scale of the show - all the halls are given over to the event.
  • March 2008 - Introducing the new Capri Mk1 Owners' Club
  • March 2008 - Vince Woodman testing at Castle Combe
    As promised, here are some shots of Vince Woodman in his Broadspeed Capri Mk1 testing at Castle Combe on 20th March.  The car had an "unsuccessful" trip to the same venue last year when it was damaged by another out of control car.
  • March 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Six
    The long and hard process of stripping the car of its old paint continues.  All the old paintwork had to come off.  An imperfections had to be sorted out so that the re-spray would, right from the base metal of the car, be perfect.  All is in the preparation and, when you are attempting to create perhaps the best "standard" Mk1 Capri to be still in existence then you have to ensure that ALL the preparation is done and done correctly.
    Part Seven to follow......
  • March 2008 - Race Retro 2008 at Stoneleigh
    This week saw the annual show for the race car enthusiasts, the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.  Not normally an event to spot Mk1 Capris, this year though an absolute beauty was wowing the crowds.  Back in October 2007 Retro Ford magazine did a large feature on a restored Broadspeed racer owned and driven by race legend Vince Woodman.  To ensure maximum attention for their stand the magazine invited Vince to display his car and he duly obliged.  The car is due to run at Castle Combe in the near future when hopefully we'll have some shots of it on the move for you.
  • March 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Five
    As mentioned in Part Four, the intention was to strip the car down to the bare shell and components and then acid dip them to remove everything down to the bare pure metal.  Unfortunately - or perhaps fortunately - a test of the process on the bootlid proved to be a disaster.  The acid not only removed paint and surface rust but also the filler material between the framework and the outer skin.  It also, through this, caused the skin to ripple.  Michael had a new spare bootlid so the experiment, whilst costly, wasn't catastrophic.  With the quick and easy method ruled out, it was back to basic hard graft to remove the old paint, imperfections and surface rust, rubbing it down!  The pictures here show the car part way through the process.  They also show just how good even the underside of the car was.
    Part Six to come soon.......
  • March 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Four
    With the intention being to have the body acid stripped before respraying, the dismantling continued.  The removal of the engine and ancillaries was straightforward and the front and rear suspension came out remarkably easily.  You will note from the pictures that the rear cart springs appear to be either heavily corroded or very well coated in mud and road debris. In reality neither was the case.  Rather, they had been wrapped in a kind of oil skin coating which had largely prevented rusting.  The shock absorbers had been replaced not long before the car had been stored and so were also in very good condition.
              Part Five to follow soon.......
  • February 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Three
    Having determined that the car ran okay and that all the electrics worked it was time to start stripping the car out.  As the pictures below show, the interior of the bodyshell was in near perfect condition.  Just a few very minor pieces of surface rust were found and it was also clear that the body had never been welded or repaired and that all the panels were original.  Once full stripped the intention was to have it acid dipped to remove all the old paintwork in preparation for a full respray.  However, testing of this process on a bootlid forced Michael to change his plans.
              Part Four to follow soon.......
  • February 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part Two
    With the winter of 2007/08 approaching, after a further three years in dry storage, Michael finally had the time available to start the restoration of EYF.  Giving the car a wash down revealed a vehicle fit to show as it stood.  Whilst there were a few minor areas of surface rust and the engine bay and ancillaries showed the evidence of a quarter of a century's lack of attention, in general the car cleaned up well.  Would it start though?  The oil was drained with flushing oil and fresh oil add, the points change, the plugs removed and cleaned.  Over the years the fuel lines had become blocked but these were blown clean and some new fuel put in the tank. Despite a new battery nothing happened at the turn of the key.  A dead condenser was diagnoses and with a new one fitted the engine cranked and sprang to life.  Whilst the engine ran smoothly and without smoke, the strange sight of it running but without the fan going round was spotted.  This time a dead waterpump and seized alternator were to blame.  With the faults rectified, the car was taken for a drive around to test for other mechanical defects.  It ran well with gearbox, propshaft and back axle displaying no adverse effects.  Indeed not only did all the electrics work but the wipers functioned too - despite being the cause of the car's removal from the road in the first place.  Later it would be found to be substantially burned out inside though and a replacement will be fitted.
    Part Three - To follow soon......
  • February 2008 - The Restoration Project - Part One
    If it's ever interested you to see and understand the work that goes into creating a truly concours classic car then this on-going story is one you'll want to read.
    If you've ever wanted to possess your own concours Capri Mk1 3000E then once again, this is an item for you since, at the end of the story the car featured will be available for you to buy - the restoration is happening now!  The current owner anticipates that the vehicle will be complete by the beginning of the summer, so you could be enjoying the outdoor classic show season in your very own stunning classic!

    So, on with the story.  Current owner Michael saw a Capri 3000E advertised in our club magazine, Capri Style, back in 2004.  The car, on its third owner, had been dry stored in a garage for over 25 years.  Michael made the trip from his Northwest home to Buckinghamshire unsure what he'd find.  When he got there the car itself was covered in a tarpaulin and had then been pilled high with the usual collection of "junk" we all choose to house in our garages.  Once cleared and with the tarp removed he couldn't believe the car that was revealed.  Despite the length period of storage, apart from a liberal coating of dust and some mould, the vehicle itself was in remarkably good condition.  It had been taken off the road because........ the windscreen wipers had stopped working!  The owner had started the complicated and time consuming process of removing the dashboard to get at the wiper motor and mechanism but had simply given up.
    First registered in March 1971 the car has aubergine paint work and a black vinyl interior.  It had covered a little over 50,000 miles when it was taken off the road - an incredibly low mileage for a vehicle now nearing 37 years old.  Michael decided to buy the car and to restore it to concours condition as it was perhaps the best example he'd come across in his many years as a Mk1 enthusiast.  He did the deal with the owner and then arranged to collect the car and trailer it back to the Northwest.  Remarkably, the car still had the old style logbook which listed the previous owners along with the dates it has changed hands.
    Part Two  - To follow next week.

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