Knebworth 2006

Ermine White 3000E with ruby red interior sadly arrived at the end of a tow rope

Heavily modified 3000GXL facelift in Silver which provided the tow

1600 auto in Silver Fox

The oldest know Mk1 on the road, this 1600L started life in Saluki Bronze paint

An American imported 2000 pinto in Tawny with AirCon

Amber Gold 2000GT XLR with its original V4 engine

Sebring Red 1600XL facelift with tan interior

An early 1600L in Fern Green metallic

Daddy of all prefacelifts a yellow South African modified Perana

Now a modified 3000 V6 this eyecatcher started life as a 1600 facelift

All the way from St Helens came this Onyx Green 3000GT facelift

Onyx Green car's engine bay

Modified 3 litre's engine bay

3000E in Sapphite Blue

1600Xl in Fern Green

The fully display of 13 Mk1s all together

That's a lovely rear view!

A colourful rear view

     Last Updated: 11 April 2008