OOO677K - 3000E - ex-Ford owned car with a "classic" registration

Kevin, from Mid Bedfordshire, rekindled his interest in Mk1 Capris when he bought this low mileage example of the top of the range pre-facelift back in June 1998.  Despite having a string of owners - including the Ford Motor Company - the car had only covered 35,000 miles thanks mainly to one particular man who had cherished it for nearly twenty years of its life, only using it at weekends and holiday times.  Nevertheless, the front wings had been replaced and the car sorely needed a respray.  That, along with the replacement of the front valence and conversion to run on unleaded fuel, was carried out within Kevin's first year of ownership.  The car has now covered 42,500 miles and only sees the road during the summer months.

LPK757K - 1600XL - a standard car with just one previous owner

Having got the bug, Kevin decided he wanted a "standard" 1600 - which was the model he drove when he first passed his driving test.  The search for such a car proved much harder than finding the 3000E.  After travelling the length and breadth of the country a tawny 1600 emerged in the Ashtead area of Surrey.  The car was original but had covered around 120,000 miles.  Essentially solid it still would need major bodywork restoration to bring it back to tip-top order.  Kevin paid 600 for the car which included a spare wing and complete spare exhaust system.  The elderly lady owner - who was being encouraged by her family to buy a more "sensible" car - was sad to part with it but did include a wealth of history and paperwork, including the original sales receipt showing that a Mk2 Cortina had been traded in towards its cost.  Having purchased it in January 1999 it took around 18 months to gather the parts for its restoration which commenced in the winter of 2000.  With the cost - including parts - at around 5,000, Kevin decided reluctantly to change the colour from the uninspiring tawny to fern green, a shade which the car could have sported at the time.  In 2004 the car featured in Practical Classics Buyers Guide for Capri Mk1s - proving some superb quality shots against an all white background.

GPN384L - 1600XL - daytona facelift

Having not experienced the facelift car during its heyday, he decided to buy one in perhaps the archetype colour scheme of the period - daytona yellow with black vinyl roof.  Facelifts have a completely revamped interior - as well as significant changes externally.  In addition the 1600 model was given the then new Pinto overhead cam engine in place of the Kent overhead valve variant.  This has a marked effect on the driving characteristics of the vehicle.  Kevin's car sports a pristine tan interior and has an eight track player to complete the 70s feel.

FLK780J - 1600GT XLR - pacific blue

Kevin's current collection is completed by a 1600GT XLR.  After a fruitless two year search for a 1600GT XLR in the rare shade of pacific blue, Kevin finally decided on the next best alternative - a project car of the right model and manufactured during the right period to be "modified" to pacific blue.  FLK was made in September 1970 but wore tawny paintwork.  The car had spent its entire existence in Essex with a host of owners.  In 1990 it had been driven into a ditch and but for a Capri enthusiast might well have been scrapped at that stage.  Instead it was rebuilt and went on to cover in excess of 283,000 miles before finally being "rested".  When Kevin purchased the car it had been unused for nearing two years.  The Restoration Project on this website details what happened next.  It returned to the road in July 2009.


OOO arrived with Kevin in June 1998.

Side view of OOO677K

Note the additional back panel trim special to the 3000E model

3000E interiors peversely did not feature chrome but rather lashings of black padded vinyl. The seats have three panels rather than six.

The height of the airfilter atop the 3 litre engine forced the use of a "power bulge" bonnet.

Although it didn't start life in fern green, it is an "original" shade for LPK.

An unusual shot of the car, taken during a professional shoot for a magazine feature.

A standard prefacelift XL interior - two dials instead of the six found on GT models.

Prefacelift 1600s sport the Kent overhead valve engine.

GPN is an early facelift model car.

On facelift cars not only were the rearlight clusters changed but the rear panel was painted black.

A pristine tan vinyl interior with a period eight track tape player in the passenger footwell.

Facelift 1600s sport the Pinto overhead cam engine.

Kevin's "fleet" ready for a show.

You don't often see three Mk1s lined up in a car park these days!

     Last Updated: 22 February 2011