This 1971 pre facelift belongs to Graeme on the Isle of Wight.
The car started life as a 1300 XL but has since been modified and strengthened by its present owner to full 3 litre GT Spec.
It has a later Mk 3, 3 litre "S" engine and gearbox; fast road cam; steels timing gears etc; atlas axle; Willwood brakes; Bistein front Struts etc.

Graeme is only the second owner of the Capri, having brought it in May 2002 from the estate of its first owner.  It finished in the rare and unusual paint colour Garnet.
An Island registered car sold by the then main Ford Dealer of Frank Chevertons, the "DL" in the registration denotes the Isle of Wight.


     Last Updated: 03 February 2010