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The clutch and brake variety that is.

If you have sideways play on your clutch and/or brake pedal on your Capri Mk1 then you'll need to replace the pedal bushes which push fit into either side of your pedals and which the shaft supporting and acting as pivot for the pedals pass through.  These bushes made of a special plastic bearing material have long ago become unavailable but we have found an alternative.
For just 2 each plus 1 post and packing you can replace your 30 plus year old pedal bushes.  A full set consists of 4 bushes - that's just 9 to solve that sideways movement on your clutch and brake pedals. Click the image below to see where they fit.

Contact Kevin at CapriMk1South@aol.com for details and where to send your cheque.


     Last Updated: 14 October 2018